Metowee Valley Cemetery, Sons of Union Veterans Monument at Entrance of Cemetery Middle Granville, NY



Metowee Valley Cemetery Soldiers Monument (Front Side)

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Pvt. William E. Ausment, Co. I, 96th NYVI
Pvt. Frederick Bashaw, Co. C. 14th Heavy Artillery
Pvt. John Gainey
Ord. Sgt. Horace E. Howard, Co. K, 123rd NYVI
Pvt. John R. Hughes, Co. F, 3rd Regt. PA Heavy Artillery
Pvt. Moses R. Jones, Co. G, 93rd NYVI
Pvt. Erastus V. Lowell, Co. E/F 169th NYVI
Pvt. Joseph P. Osborn, Co. C 14th Independent Battery
Pvt. James Ploof, Co. H, 17th VT Vols.
Pvt. Harvey A. Smith, Co. I, 96h NYVI
Pvt. Owen Thomas, Co. F, 117th NYVI
Corpl. Leander Voudry, Co. H, 5th VT Vols.