Camp Officers

Camp Commander

Thomas Maggs

Senior Vice Commander and Guidon Editor

Robert P. Keough, PCC


Junior Vice Commander

John B. Swartwout Jr.

Secretary and Treasurer and Covell Award/JROTC/ROTC Officer

Leo C. McGuire, PDC, PCC


Rev. Mark D. Issacs


Camp Council #1 and Eagle Scout Coordinator

Brian Castler, PDC, PCC



Camp Council #2 and Patriotic Instructor 

Michael Hernandez


Camp Council #3

Richard E. Straight, PDC, PCC



Vincent Jockimo

Color Bearers

Michael Golden and Tim Gaffney

Civil War Memorials/Monument Registration Officer

David M. Dziewulski, PCC

Guide and Graves Registration Officer

Christopher White

Camp Historian and Webmaster

Raymond W. LeMay III, PDC, PCC


Signals Officer

Francis (Frank) Rogler


~Camp Welfare~

Standing Chairman Paul F. Cooney

Co-Chairman: Camp Commander
Members: Camp Council

~Covell Award/ROTC~

Standing Chairman
Leo C. McGuire, PDC, PCC
Members: Camp Commander and Camp Council