General George Thomas’ Grave
The Col. G.L. Willard Camp 154, in cooperation with the Department of New York SUVCW, has formally adopted the gravesite of General George Thomas and the Kellogg family. The monument, located in Oakwood Cemetery, has recently been cleaned by the Camp. Markers have been installed directing visitors to the grave. Preservation work and regular maintenance continues at the site.

New Mt. Ida Cemetery, Troy, NY

We are presently planning on working to clean up the cemetery in conjunction with the City of Troy. We hope to conclude Our Restoration of the Graves of the Soldiers interred there; from our Work which was started in the 1990s.


St. Agnes Cemetery, “Civil War” Project

(Pvt. Thomas D. Smullen, 1st Headstone Replaced)
We are presently working on the “Civil War Project” with St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands.
The project consists of cataloging, restoring and replacing all of the Civil War Veterans Headstones in the Historic Cemetery.
We assist with volunteering and memorial services.
Visit the Cemetery Online:
St. Agnes Cemetery, RCDA, Menands, NY.

GAR Lot, Vale Cemetery, Schenectady, NY

We are presently working on Plans to help Vale Cemetery;
to Fully Restore the Col. Horsfall GAR Lot at the Vale Cemetery.


GAR Room at the Albany County Courthouse

The Camp in conjunction with the Albany County Executives Office has reclaimed use of our old Headquarters at the GAR Room.
It will be called the Grand Army of the Republic(GAR) Room, has a Plaque, a Display Cabinet and we will maintain usage of the Original Entrance and the Room when not used for the Cafe for meetings/special events.