Brothers of The Col. George L. Willard Camp No. 154 Albany,NY and Family and Friends Convened the 110th Anniversary Banquet in honor of the Camp being chartered on December 25th, 1899.
On Saturday, October 17th, 2009 from 5:00 to 9:00 PM





At the
Latham Fire Department Banquet Hall at
226 Old Loudon Road. Latham, Albany, New York






110th Anniversary Banquet Program














The Willard Camp Color Guard Members From Left to Right:
SVC Bro. Robert Hensel (Arms),
Bro. Leo C. McGuire(National Color Bearer),
Bro. Peter J. Lindemann, PDC, PCC (NY Dept Color Bearer),
Bro. Gary P. Salmon(Camp Color Bearer),
Bro. David Dziewulski (Arms),
Bro. William J. Halpin, PCC(Arms)


From Left to Right; Camp History Artifacts, GAR/SUV Artifacts, National, Dept and Camp Colors


Brothers of Willard Camp Attending 110th Anniversary Banquet
In the Back Row from Left to Right:
Bro. Lewis Warner, Bro. Peter J. Lindeman,PDC, PCC, Bro. Jerome L. Orton,PDC, PCC,
Bro. Thomas J. Capstraw,Bro. Rick Touchette, and Bro. Gary P. Salmon Sr.
Middle Row from Left to Right:
Bro. Paul W. Grady,PCC,Bro. George F. Malinoski,
Bro. David Dziewulski,Bro. William J. Halpin,PCC, and Bro. Robert C. Hensel
Seated in Front: From Left to Right:
Commander in Chief, Bro. Leo F. Kennedy, PDC, PCC
Bro. Willard Camp Commander, Raymond W. LeMay III, PCC

Bro. CinC Leo Kennedy giving Opening Remarks, Bro. NY Dept. Cmdr. Ray Wheaton presenting opening Remarks
and Major Brian Benedict of the Civil Air Patrol giving his Presentation

From Left to Right, Bro. Chaplain, George F. Malinoski giving the Invocation
and Right Bro. Jerome L. Orton, PDC, PCC giving the Camp History


Left to Right: Bro. Cdr. LeMay recieves the Gold Meriorious Service Star for his Service to the Camp and Right is Presented an Award for the Willard Camp By Cdr. Rick Sherman of the James Tanner Camp #134 of Cobleskill


Camp Awards Presented to the Camp
National Gold Meritorious Service Star”The Gold Meritorious Service Star”
Awarded to: Raymond W. LeMay III
Citation Reads:
“For Exceptionally distinguished service in Preserving the GAR Room and entrance way of the County Court House in Albany, New York. You unselfishly devoted many hours to prevent a piece of our history from passing into oblivion. Not only will Willard Camp #154 meet in the same room as the GAR, but the public will realize the sacrifices of our ancestors.
Further, under your leadership the camp has grown to an all time high of over 70 members. This clearly displays your commitment to preserving the memory of the “Boys in Blue” who fought to preserve the Union.
Approved by the COA and CinC Signed David V. Medert, Commander-in-Chief


“The National Aide Award”,
Awarded to: Raymond W. LeMay III Regular Hereditary Full Member
For Recruiting over 14 new members.
Approved by the COA and CinC
Signed Leo Kennedy, Commander-in-Chief


List of Brothers Attending; Recieving Service Award Pins for Service to the CampYears of Service

Bro. Thomas J. Capstraw,
Bro. Charles A. Greenfield, PCC,
Bro. George F. Malinoski,
Bro. Gary P. Salmon Sr,
Bro. Thomas G. Smith

Years of Service
Bro. Paul W. Grady, PCC
Bro. William J. Halpin, PCC
Bro. Leo C. McGuire, PCC

Years of Service
Bro. Jerome L. “Jerry” Orton, PDC, PCC

Years of Service
Bro. Galen B. Ritchie




Clockwise; L to R; Brothers of Tanner Camp; Bro. PDC, Pete Lindeman, Bro. Jeremi and Cdr. Rick Sherman,
Bro. Harry and wife Ginny Taylor with Bro. Jerry Orton, Cdr. LeMay,
and Bro. Gary Salmon and Family, Mother and Wife
















The Entertainment; At Left, Mr. Robert Mulligan,


Local Historian and Actor Portraying Cpl. James Tanner

And Reknown Banjo Player Tom Smith, with his Banjo Music for the Evening




Some of the VIP’s; From Left to Right:
Bro. Jr. Vice CinC, MOLLUS, Waldron K. Post II,
Commander-in-Chief Leo F. Kennedy, PDC, PCC,

and his Chief of Staff,

Bro. William C. Vieria, PDC, PCC,

and Willard Camp Commander, Raymond W. LeMay III, PCC


The Guests aka the Crowd at the Banquet at Various Tables


The 110th Willard Camp Banquet Anniversary Cake and Cdr. LeMay Cutting the Cake

Pictures By: Mrs. George F. Malinoski and a few by Sister Lorraine Orton
For More Pictures of the Banquet Visit the Camp Banquet Photo Gallery

Special Thanks to the 110th Anniversary Banquet Committee and all Brothers and Guests Attending
and Supporting this Event; we couldn’t have done it without you!!

~Camp 110th Anniversary Banquet Committee~

Brother Chaplain, George F. Malinoski

Bro. Secretary/Treasurer, Thomas J. Capstraw

Bro. Camp Council, Jerome “Jerry” L. Orton, PDC, PCC

Bro. Camp Commander, Raymond W. LeMay III, PCC